Happy June and deconfinement đŸ˜· sort of!

Dear Division A Members,What an amazing year this has been!Think back with me how much we have learned : New technologies (Zoom, Zoom Masters, presentation tools, Miro, Prezi) Risk management (membership loss and function, DCP challenges) Creative development (Canva, games, quizzes, virtual backgrounds, guest speakers, webinars, clapping online, stage with curtains that open, flashing award … Read more

May – Time to Renew – Preparing Your Next Move

Dear Division A members,Trees and flowers are blooming; new leaves are sprouting! And it is time to elect new officers to lead your clubs and District 59. What is your next move?How will you renew your Toastmasters experience?You have one year for a new learning experience. This experience is what makes Toastmasters special. Save the … Read more

Step into a New Comfort Zone! – Welcome April!

Area Directors 2020-2021 A BIG Thank you! Aude A1, Claire A2, PrĂ©mel A3, Audrey A4, Omar A5, Carlos A6. Dear Division A members,  Thank you Area Directors and club members who have stepped into new comfort zones 2020-2021!You have been organizing and participating in Club Officer Training and now Area and Division contests!What an exciting time … Read more