Hello October!

The Rentrée is past and your clubs are up and running!

Dear Division A members,

I am aware of the challenges you are having: jobs, commuting, family, home schooling and keeping your members. During this period from March to today, members of one organization in the world have not been alone: Toastmasters. Thank you for your club’s online and offline attendance! Thank you club ExCom (Executive Committee) members for energizing your members!

During these challenging times, redesigning our mindset and professional futures are offering new opportunities for personal growth.

Webinars on Canva graphic design, the European Trainers Network for Region 10, the 2020 International Convention, Pitchcraft for Entrepreneurs meetings and so much more are uniting us globally as never before.

You may know the book, “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson (Qui a piqué mon fromage? Comment S’adapter au changement au travail, en famille et en amour).

Wherever we were pre-Covid, that is old cheese.

Let’s look ahead and try to find the new cheese in this maze of 2020-2021.

You and your members can do this. We can do this together in Division A!

@Club Presidents, would you share with your Area Director your questions, your needs, best practices for online meetings, member retention tips, support groups, etc. letting us all grow together and not feel isolated.

The Division A team of Division Director, Area Directors, Pathways, Club Growth, Public Relations, and Community Programs committees wants to know how we can serve best.

Contact us at this email: cshaughnessy.larssontm@gmail.com

“The stronger the connection; the stronger the community.” – Shan James Saindrenan, Message Paris

Happy October together as Division A
Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson, DTM
Division A Director 2020-2021