Happy Rentrée 2020 Division A Members!

Rentrée means back to school! We have been back since July 1. I will strive to make this the best year ever.
Together, we can overcome every obstacle.
What is your personal vision for the year? What is your Toastmasters vision for the year?
How can Division A help you achieve these visions?

My personal vision:
Collaborating and leading our Division team using Pathways projects as a guide.
What a committed and talented team we have for 2020-2021: Six Area Directors
with an extended team of 11 Toastmasters!
We are here to serve, care and support our Division members.
Please contact your Area Directors with your needs and concerns.

My vision for Division A is two-fold:
Communications (multi-channel) :
This year we will be active with webinars, YouTube instructional videos,
social media channels (check our Instagram) and a Division website.
Pathways usage :
Pathways projects include blogs, podcasts, special team projects.
Help us update our website this year by contacting your Area Director.
The goal for this year is to maintain the pleasure during our activities.
Toastmasters and Division A are here to enable each member to have fun,
sharing, caring, listening and learning together.
I am honored to serve you as Division A Director 2020-2021!
Let’s get this party started!
Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson, DTM